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My Dog Looks Like Jessica Simpson…LMAO!

Posted by tjmagik on February 8, 2008

So I had an idea from “TheMrs” at  She had a great idea to try and do this face recognition with a “butt face” so I decided to try and find one on the net. While browsing I did find a “butt-face” but it didn’t work =( So with that idea my imagination started to run and I found something just as funny =) I ran a picture of my dog! Yep, my dog looks kind of human but I didn’t realize that she was a celerity look-alike! Guess who she resembles? JESSICA SIMPSON!! I was quite disturbed that she was compared to Jessica but oh well, what can I say, I still think my dog is hotter!

Who’s hotter my Dog or Jessica Simpson?


9 Responses to “My Dog Looks Like Jessica Simpson…LMAO!”

  1. themixgrapevine said

    Your nice puppy looks better. Jessica looks tired.

  2. tjmagik said

    Thanks, I think I look better too…LOL!

  3. TheMrs said

    ROFL! That’s priceless! Poor Jessica.. it’s the angle. It’s gotta be. I think if the ‘butt face’ would have worked, it probably would have turned up with a match like this:

  4. TheMrs said

    Ok, that worked. See this:

    Buttnose himself.

  5. tjmagik said

    That’s FREKIN FUNNY! I wish it worked it would have been so funny to see!

  6. Kevin said

    lol. Nice.

  7. tjmagik said

    ty, Kevin

  8. themixgrapevine said

    Laughing, I just realized something, I have contacted mybloglog to of the matter, but your recent readers on mybloglog are the same as mine, they aren’t updating properly. Actually I click on some of the photo’s like at my blog, and they come up with something elses profile.

    Did you realize that already too? Let me know,
    haha, llove the comments. I did do the celebrity thing to, only recognized one celebrity though from it. hehe, thanks

  9. Nice post … I wondered what would happen with a photo like this! I have a celeb look alike widget on my page. I like your picture better 🙂

    Good stuff here!

    Cheers from
    Speedcat Hollydale

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